60 minutes   -  $50

                                 90 minutes   -  $75                                                           120  minutes  -  $110  


                         SPECIALS and PROMOTIONS:                ____

                          MONTHLY SESSION DEAL:

  I have a Great! Monthly session Deal for those seeking regular work done without a membership commitment and at low rates.

                              Here's how it works:

If you come in once a month or more, consecutive months, your rate will be my Introductory Rate. Skip a month or more and simply, the next appointment will be my Regular Rate, until your next consecutive monthly appointment begins, where it would drop back down to my Introductory Rate.          


                                PACKAGE DEALS: 

                            10 - 60 minute sessions - $400               

                              5 - 60 minute sessions - $225

                       10 - 90 minute sessions - $650

                         5 - 90 minute sessions - $350

***Package Deals must be purchased upfront and paid in full. Does not include gratuity. Package sessions expire 1 year from purchase date and are non transferable.

                                GIFT CARDS DEAL:


  Gift Cards are available both electronically and in the office as a plastic Gift Card. They are being sold at my Introductory Rates of 60 minutes for $50, 90 minutes for $75, 120 minutes for $110, and either, 3 - 60  minute or 2 - 90 minute sessions of their choosing for $150.     ***Buy now!!!***

                  Click here to purchase E-Gift Cards now.

                     ***Gift Cards expire 1 year from purchase date.