In Memory of my Mom, Glenda.

Hi!  I am Tim Jones.


I graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe, Arizona in 2004.  This gives me over a decade of experience and I continue to enjoy my chosen profession.  I believe my skill can be helpful to each of my clients to provide…a touch of relief.  


Everyone has a story and this is my story.


I was born on a military base to a military family and I have enjoyed a wide range of experiences.  I have lived in multiple states and two years in Germany.  I have learned that people of this world are much more alike than different.  We basically have the same goals and desires, for our families and ourselves.  We do have a variety of ways of accomplishing those goals and desires.  Therefore, tolerance and acceptance of each other is very important.


After my family decided to leave active military duty, we lived and worked on the extended family’s dairy and hog farm.  I learned the values of hard work and working hard.  In addition, the qualities of family and other’s social ties were reinforced for their value of stability and helping each other through difficult times.


My family then moved to Terre Haute, Indiana where my father worked.  It was during this time; October 27, 1997 my Mother suffered a severe stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side.  This was a very difficult time. I learned the value of bodywork as my Mother would get marked muscle spasms as a result of the effects of the stroke.  Unfortunately, my Mother died at the age of 49, June 1, 2002.  This became an even more difficult time, filled with grief and sorrow.


The remainder of my immediate family moved to Arizona where I went to Massage Therapy School.  This time was filled with the ups and downs of healing from grief.  I learned it is a long process that takes a lot of time and requires understanding help from others.  I am doing well now.


Through this process, my education as a Massage Therapist, and my families desire to understand this process better, allowed us to became aware of ourselves as energy beings.  We are more than our physical bodies.


Therefore, my approach, as your Massage Therapist, is more than just manipulation of your physical body.  I also try to work on an energetic basis.  I will be respectful of your individual beliefs, your life story, your goals, and to work with you to accomplish…a touch of relief.


Tim Jones LMT